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Professional Solutions

Medico – Debt – Partnership – Limited Recourse Loans

Your profession may afford you certain financial benefits when it comes to borrowing. For this reason, we have a range of solutions tailored specifically for accountants, lawyers and solicitors. We understand the intricate legislative technicalities of each of these fields, and design a financial plan accordingly.

Medico Finance

Medicos and other highly paid professionals may be able to purchase property with higher LVR and without the need for mortgage insurance. If you fall into this category and are interested, contact Lendfin who will show you how to take advantage of these loan terms.

Debt Restructuring

We are able to reorganise your company’s outstanding obligations by the possibility of reducing the burden of the debts the company has accumulated. We’ll do this by decreasing the rate paid and increasing the time that you have to pay the outstanding obligation back.

Partnership loans

These apply generally for businesses in the professional services sector. They are mostly common with accountants, lawyers and finance companies. These loans are generally secured direct against balance sheets and are used for partnership acquisition and acquiring companies in the same field.

Limited Recourse loans

A limited Recourse loan is a loan in which the creditor has limited claims on the loan in the event of a default. In addition, these loans do not require personal guarantees.

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