Lendfin provides profitable & sustainable Equipment Finance

The ability to
provide all people
with financial
guidance to help
better lives, is our
ultimate goal.

Lendfin’s Story

Boutique Finance Company


At Lendfin, we offer a number of unrivalled benefits:

  • Having an unparalleled network of banks and private equity financiers allows us to secure the most competitive borrowing rates on the market.
  • Being independent means we tailor our solutions, seize opportunities, and react quickly to changing legislation.
  • Being closely affiliated with one of Western Sydney’s largest accounting firms gives us an in-depth understanding of complex tax structures and income channels.
  • Prioritising our clients’ needs every single time means we order checks and valuations up front at no expense to our clients.
  • Possessing an unwavering commitment to customer service ensures we stop at nothing to deliver the best outcome under any circumstances, every single time.


This might explain why the Lendfin model is gaining momentum as the preferred means for obtaining finance in Australia.

Australians are now demanding better deals, more personalized service, and solutions that are tailored specifically for them. They are no longer willing to be treated as just another source of profit by the Big Banks, and are increasingly looking towards non-Bank lenders for financial empowerment and superior results.

At Lendfin we wholeheartedly embrace this shifting attitude. Our clients’ prosperity and satisfaction is our number one objective, and we aim to uniquely prioritize every single client.

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