Running a green business can save you money and engage your staff

10 Ways to Run a Green Business

Running a green business can save you money and engage your staff

Challenging yourself and your employees to do business in an environmentally friendly way can be a great team-building activity and can be instrumental in leading positive change. Not only is it good for the planet, it can often save your business money in the long term. Here we share 10 easy ways to run a green business

  1. Encourage recycling. Although it is drummed into Australians from primary school, we still have a long way to go to follow the mantra of “reduce, reuse, recycle”. Make sure you have recycling bins clearly visible in your office space, and encourage discussion between employees on how you could reduce general office waste.
  1. Turn off the lights and electronics every night. In office environments, many employees get into the bad habit of leaving their PC on sleep mode when they leave the office instead of powering off completely. Not only does this reduce the life of the appliance, it also costs you money on power bills! Employ a strict “power off” policy, and instruct the last employee to turn off the office power at the main switch every evening.
  1. Replace old appliances. Old printers, fridges, air-conditioners and small appliances can suck up energy for no return. Considering replacing outdated appliances if it makes financial sense to do so, or perhaps look into an asset finance agreement to update old plant and equipment.
  1. Maximise natural light. The sun is free, so why not use it? Work out a way to arrange your office so that it receives the maximum amount of natural light and see your power bill drop.
  1. Use CFL or LED lights. LED lights are more energy efficient than CFL, but both options consume significantly less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb. As your bulbs blow, replace them with long-lasting environmentally friendly options.
  1. Use solar power. In Australia we are blessed with copious sun, so it makes perfect sense to invest in solar power to run your business. There are many ways to do this, including purchasing green power from your existing supplier, or looking into solar financing to install your own panels and generate your own energy (which can actually make you money over time!).
  1. Encourage employees to use public transportation or green options. If you are located in an area with good transport connections, employees should be encouraged to use it. Perhaps you could offer a small bonus towards transport tickets, or provide a bike storage area and showers for those who prefer to ride or walk to work.
  1. Use biodegradable cleaners. Speak to your cleaning provider about your green business goals and see how you can work together to minimise waste and use environmentally-friendly products for office cleaning and maintenance. Most commercial cleaning companies already have this as an option, or they may allow you to provide the products at a discount.
  1. Choose recycled paper and office supplies. 100% recycled paper is no longer the weird texture of 20 years ago. Nowadays, the whiteness and quality is just as good as the virgin paper competitors. Similarly, most corporate supplies companies have a green catalogue with prices in the same range as their regular counterparts.
  2. Eliminate plastic bottles. Encourage your employees to drink tap water by installing a filter and removing vending machines from the office space. If it is truly necessary to provide single-use drinks, consider ordering the recyclable cans instead.

If you are considering solar power for your business or home, contact a Lendfin Energy specialist for a comparison to your current power costs and information on how to get started.