Low Doc Product

So What Is A Low Doc Loan?

A low doc loan works in the same way as a regular loan (also referred to as a full doc loan), except less documentation is required and they are exclusively available to ABN holders. The only paperwork needed is a declaration of income, a signed privacy form, the application form and proof of identification.

Low doc loans are available at competitive rates to finance the purchase of cars, caravans, equipment or other business items, so long as the item is fundamental to your business and will be used for your business.

Who Do They Suit?

While the criteria to qualify for a low doc loan varies from lender to lender, they will usually require security to be held against the loan. If you are fortunate enough to be a homeowner, your financier will have greater confidence in providing you with finance. However, if you don’t own a home, most financiers will take a deposit as security. Financials or tax returns are not required to be supplied for low docs loans financing most types of equipment and vehicles under $150,000.


You may be approved for low doc finance even if you are:

  1. Have started a new venture;

  2. Do not own a home;

  3. Are unable to provide proof of income, including current tax returns or financial statements; or

  4. Have a minor default on your credit report file.

    If you don’t have the necessary paperwork for a full doc loan, we can help you find the right low doc loan for your needs and circumstances.


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