Maintain business operations with cash flow funding


A steady cash flow is the lifeline of all businesses. Lendfin can offer your business alternative ways to inject cash flow, creating solutions for business cash issues from unpaid invoices to slow paying clients.

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Commercial cash flow funding
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Rather than a specific loan type, cash flow funding refers to structuring your lending to ensure that your business has cash available when it is needed.

This depends entirely on your business needs. Some businesses work best with a line of credit that can be drawn on when cash is tight, whereas others may benefit from a debtor finance facility. Speak to a Lendfin cash flow specialist to review your cash flow requirements and ensure that you have cash available when you need it.

Any events that affect the availability of cash in your business can be covered by cash flow funding. These include: • Unpaid invoices. • Late or slow paying clients. • Unexpected expenses. • Payroll expenses. • Short-term business downturn.

Alternate financing methods to maintain business operations.

Deal direct with a business lending specialist to prepare unique funding strategies.

Trusted service that you can rely on.