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Asset finance covers a range of lease structures designed for businesses to obtain the equipment they need to grow. Chattel mortgages and hire purchase agreements are similar tax effective strategies for businesses to buy machinery to fund income-generating assets.

Do you need finance to help you purchase key items for your trade business such as:

– Scaffolding
– Cranes
– Concrete Pumps
– Excavator

We may be able to help you secure the finance you need.

We also specialise in complex equipment transactions such as scaffolding & formwork finance.

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New car through hire purchase
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A hire purchase agreement involves the lender purchasing an asset and leasing it back to your business at a fixed monthly rate. At the end of the term, your business can either purchase the asset for the residual value, upgrade to new equipment (in the case of vehicles), or pay out the residual amount and transfer ownership from the lender to the business. A chattel is essentially any item of property excluding real estate. As such, a chattel mortgage refers to a type of loan whereby the lessee purchases the asset and the lender registers a mortgage on it. Essentially, if the lessee defaults on the loan, the lender can claim against the mortgage.

With a hire purchase agreement, ownership of the asset remains with the lender and it is leased back to your business. With a chattel mortgage, your business retains ownership of the asset, and the lender registers a mortgage over it. There are slightly different tax implications, so we recommend speaking with a Lendfin asset finance specialist to determine which structure is best for you.

Hire purchase is commonly used for vehicle purchases, but can also be used to fund any asset with a serial/chassis number, including plant and equipment, IT hardware, medical equipment, office fit out and even software.

Yes, a hire purchase agreement can be used to buy second-hand equipment, provided it meets lender requirements. Chattel mortgages can only be taken over new equipment.

Yes, you can claim input tax credit for both chattel mortgage payments and hire purchase.

Provided the equipment is used for business purposes, you may be able to claim depreciation, running costs and interest expenses to reduce tax payable.

Finance important business equipment with a tax effective structure.

Deal direct with an asset finance specialist to obtain the right deal for your business.

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