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A consumer loan can be used to finance high cost items for personal use. It is a great way to fund a big-ticket item for private enjoyment.

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Yacht through personal asset loan
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A consumer loan is a basic type of loan to fund asset purchases, which is structured differently depending on the lender. In short, you select a specific asset, undergo a credit check, and upon approval funds are disbursed to finance the purchase.

Aside from 100 points of ID, you will need to prove income through your last 3 payslips or 2 years tax returns, or a letter from your employer. You will also need details of the asset to be purchased including the serial/chassis number.

The loan term depends upon your financial goals and preferences, but can be from one two seven years. A Lendfin specialist will work with you to ensure the consumer loan meets your specific needs.

Consumer loans are generally used to purchase vehicles, including cars, luxury vehicles, motorcycles and boats.

A cost effective way to buy big-ticket items

Fixed monthly payments in line with your budget

Trusted service that you can rely on.