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Traditional energy sources are finite, and their limited quantity is decreasing rapidly as society grows. At Lendfin, we care about Australia’s environmental future, and work with multiple lenders to offer our customers flexible funding strategies to implement solar energy in their homes and businesses.

As solar power becomes more common, the cost of implementing renewables in your home or business is steadily decreasing. As coal power prices rise, implementation of solar power has the potential to generate savings for your business which offset the cost of the solar finance repayment. Lendfin offers both solar financing and facilitation of Power Purchase Agreements, so that our customers can implement the most appropriate solar power strategy for their home or business.

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Solar financing is possible through either a regular loan to fund the purchase and installation of solar panels, or through a Power Purchase Agreement.

• Low emissions • Completely renewable energy source • Can be less costly than traditional power sources over the long term.

A solar lending specialist from Lendfin will discuss the best financial structure for you. Generally, you can obtain finance in addition to your existing home loan, or in some cases it may be possible to finance solar panels through an unsecured loan.

Financing your solar system with a loan can be a sensible option to help reduce the upfront purchase costs associated with going solar, whilst enjoying savings on your ongoing power costs immediately. In some cases, the savings generated through reduced power bills may even cover the costs of interest on the loan.

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