What is Solar Finance?

Solar financing provides the opportunity to implement solar energy to fuel your home or business.

Benefits of Commercial
Solar Finance

With flexibility regarding the amount borrowed and the financing term and a lower cost of funding, commercial solar finance could generate more savings for your business in the long term and potentially outweigh your solar finance repayment.

Additional Benefits
of Solar Panels

  • Solar energy is a renewable energy source.
  • The diversity of solar panels allows users to generate electricity or heat under many different conditions and in areas where access to electricity may be limited.
  • Continuous innovation within the solar energy industry drives advancements that will bring additional benefits in the long term.
  • Australia’s hot and drier climate presents the opportunity for greater benefits from solar energy than many other parts of the world.


Traditional energy resources are finite and their limited quantity has become more of a concern over time as we become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. At Lendfin, we understand the need for a greener society and have taken the initiative to expand our panel of lenders to enable more Australians to install renewable energy networks, such as solar panels. We specialise in structuring funding facilities for renewable products and embedding networks while working closely with some of Australia’s largest and distinguished commercial energy and solar wholesalers. As we continue to expand our support of renewable energy financing, we gain a comprehensive understanding of a variety of methods to allow our customers to achieve the best possible arrangement for their renewable energy deals.

Power Purchase

We have extensive experience in dealing with power purchase agreements and as a result, we do our best to ensure all parties involved receive a favourable outcome. Power purchase agreements utilise embedded networks, which are private electricity networks. They have the capability of powering multiple premises that are located within or are connected to a distribution or transmission system via a master connection point. Lendfin’s panel of lenders ensures that we are capable of providing competitive funding options for all wholesalers. This enables them to fund the installation of embedded networks which can be significantly beneficial in the short and long term.


We provide you with professional relationships with some of Sydney’s best lenders that can help guide you through any financial obstacle.

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