Environmentally friendly business solar panels

How to Run and Environmentally Friendly Small Business

The benefits of operating an environmentally responsible small business are not just limited to the environment. Aiming for sustainable business practices not only reduces costs, but can help increase your market share as consumer sentiment regarding sustainability grows. Whilst we all know the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle”, is it really a priority in small business?

In this article, we share practical tips on how you can enable your small business to operate in a more environmentally conscious way.

Go paperless

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to start a green movement in your office is to encourage employees to go paperless. Businesses have access to technology (both free and paid) that makes a paperless office possible.

Going paperless also has operational benefits. No longer will staff be confronted with piles of paper on their desk and have to deal with lost contracts and documents. Instead, they can easily search and access files through programs such as Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox.


Most non-organic materials such as plastic, cans, glass and paper can be recycled. Requirements for waste separation differ from city to city, however most employees are happy to recycle in the office, as it is something they are most likely already doing at home. Simply providing bins to separate the waste is often enough to make recycling the new office norm.

Use less

It can be difficult to think of ways to use less in the office without sacrificing employee and customer comfort. Start simple and get rid of any single use utensils, replacing them with crockery and cutlery in your office kitchen.

You can also create a challenge for your staff to encourage them to consume less in other areas of the office. Turning off computers and printers each night rather than leaving them to sleep can save 10% of electricity, and turning lights off has similar benefits. Even better, your business will gain cost savings on the power bills. 

Go solar

With solar installation costs rapidly decreasing, a commercial solar system tailored to your business needs can help reduce daytime electricity costs, as well as your bottom line. Promoting solar credentials as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy may appeal to customers, and also put you in line for potential government rebates.

 At Lendfin Energy, we help businesses go solar through innovative solar financing solutions. We work with a number of lenders to provide loans specifically tailored to help your business install a solar power system, which may enable you to reap immediate financial rewards through lower power bills from day one. In some cases, the lower power bills offset the interest cost of the loan, so there is a $0 net impact for some businesses.

Get in touch to find out more about how Lendfin Energy can help you install solar power in your business or home.

Consumers, employees and businesses recognise the need for environmentally responsible business practices, and most are happy to participate when given the opportunity. By implementing some of the actions above, you will be on your way to operating an environmentally conscious office and contributing to a green future in Australia.