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At Lendfin, we are committed to helping you buy your first home. Our specialists will guide you through the first home loan process and take an honest look at your total income, financial commitments and savings.

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Yes! Self employed customers have slightly different requirements. We recommend preparing your last 3 years’ financial statements and bringing them when you meet your Lendfin specialist.

To qualify for a first home loan, you will need to be able to prove that you earn sufficient income to service the loan. As such, we require your past 3 months of payslips, plus details and proof of any other income. You will also need details of the proposed property you wish to purchase, however we can complete a pre-approval before you have decided on your property.

First Home Loans are available to those who have never owned a property before. You must have: • Regular income, usually through current, stable employment. • An asset for security, or intention to purchase an asset. • Good credit history.

We can finance up to 95% of the purchase price (subject to eligibility criteria).

At Lendfin, we will work with you to ensure that you receive the sharpest deal for your situation. Fees and charges differ depending on the product, however we will ensure you understand the options before making a decision. In general, you will need to be able to cover all government fees including stamp duty, title search fees, mortgage registration and property registration. You may also need to pay lender’s mortgage insurance, property inspection, conveyancing and legal costs, and loan package fees.

LVR is short for loan to value ratio. It refers to the loan amount as a percentage of the value of the security (for first home buyers, this is usually the new home). For example, a loan of $400,000 secured against a home with a value of $500,000 has an LVR of 80%.

First Home Owners’ grants differ from state to state. We will explain your options and help you take the steps to apply for any grants relevant to your unique situation.

Access to multiple lenders to get the right loan for you.

Deal direct with your lending specialist throughout the process.

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