No papers? No worries.


Financing a new vehicle can be difficult for those who have non-standard income sources. A low-doc loan is a solution for customers who are not able to provide the paperwork required for standard lending.

Asset finance car loan
Asset finance Car loan
Chattel mortgage car loan


A low-doc loan works the same way as a regular loan, however less documentation is required for approval.

Yes, low-doc loans are available exclusively to ABN holders.

Low-doc loans are preferred by customers who have started a new venture and do not yet have 2 years of tax returns, are unable to provide proof of income, or have a minor default on their credit report.

The only documents required for a low-doc loan are 100 points of ID, a declaration of income, a signed privacy form and a completed loan application form.

Low-doc loans are suitable for the purchase of equipment and vehicles under $150,000.

Suitable for applicants with non-standard income sources

Available to those with minor credit defaults

Access to multiple lenders to obtain the best finance option for you