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Refinancing your home loan gives you access to lower rates and better package deals. At Lendfin, we have access to discounted rates from the Big 4 banks and a multitude of smaller lenders, so you can be sure you’re getting the most competitive deal on the market.
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The reasons for refinancing vary from person to person, but in general people refinance their home loans or loan portfolios to get a better deal. At Lendfin, the main reasons we see for refinancing are: • Unhappy with the service at the current bank. Once you open your accounts and take out a loan, the service you receive decreases significantly. At Lendfin, an account manager will stay with you throughout your financial journey to ensure your questions are always answered. • Reduce interest rate. It is nigh on impossible to have your interest rate discounted with an existing loan. Refinancing opens up opportunities to obtain introductory rates with a new lender, or take advantage of Lendfin’s discount rates that we have obtained through years of dealing with the banks. • Change loan structure (eg. from variable to fixed rates, or from principal and interest to interest only). Many people prefer a fixed rate to a variable rate so that they have security in knowing exactly what their loan payment will be over a set period of time. This can be a good time to look at a full refinance, as you will be required to complete new loan documentation whether you stay with the existing lender or change. • Access equity in property. Refinancing offers the chance to access equity in the property as long as the LVR remains under 80%. This may be appropriate for people looking to carry out renovations, for a deposit on a new property, or even to finance school fees or a holiday.

This depends on your financial goals and current situation, however the right time to refinance is always when your current loan is in good standing (ie. no late payments) and your credit rating is intact. The end of fixed or interest only loan terms are often catalysts for our clients to look at refinance, but it is always worth staying vigilant to find the best deal for you. Speak to a Lendfin specialist to discuss your refinance options today.

We have relationships with the Big 4 Banks: NAB, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and ANZ. We also work with a number of smaller lenders including Macquarie Bank, Virgin Money, St. George, Suncorp, La Trobe Financial, Pepper Money, Bluestone Mortgages, Bankwest, Essanda, Axess Today, Capital Finance, First Mac, Flexi Commerical, Latitude Financial Services, Metro Finance, Thorn Group Ltd and Rate Setter. We are always on the lookout for new lenders with better deals for our clients.

The fees and charges depend on your current loan, and differ between financial products. You can expect to pay government fees including Discharge of Mortgage and Title Search fees, as well as loan package fees and discharge costs for fixed rate loans. Of course, at Lendfin we will asses these fees against your current costs to make sure a refinance is truly worth your time and initial investment.

In most cases, refinancing through Lendfin will get you a better rate for your home loan. However, we look at the overall package and how it fits in to our clients’ long term financial goals, so we may also be able to obtain lower fees and better packaged products.

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